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The Host Contact Lenses


Stephenie Meyer, the author of Twilight, is once again bringing her unique vision to the big screen, with her latest hit romance novel, The Host! Once again Stephenie Meyer is supplying the cast of The Host with Fancy Dress Contact Lenses and as always, here at we’re one step ahead, and already have the unique Soul contact lenses available!

The Host Contact Lenses

Blue The Host Contact Lenses

Price: £16.99

These ColourVue Blue The Host Contact Lenses will give you the same hauntingly beautiful eyes of the alien species, the Souls! The gorgeous meld of blue tones in these lenses will make your eyes appear brighter and lighter, and the soft dark outer black ring of these lenses will make your eyes more defined. Celebrate the release of the movie by wearing these fabulous contact lenses! They’re a fantastic deal for just £16.99 as they will last you an entire year after the first day of opening, which means you can wear them for Halloween, Bon Fire Night and New Year’s Day!

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