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The Strain Halloween Contact Lenses

The hit TV series, The Strain has challenged how vampires are commonly depicted in the horror genre, and completely scared the pants off many of its viewers. Never before have vampires been portrayed in such a horrifyingly and downright scary way; forget the dull fangs, and think giant slimy throat appendage, that sucks blood. With terrifying inhuman eyes, and you're on the right track.

The Strigoi Halloween Contact Lenses

The Strigoi Halloween Contact Lenses The Strigoi Halloween Contact Lenses

The Strain is based off a trilogy of vampire horror novels by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, by the same name. The vampires in The Strain are referred to as the Strigoi. Unlike the supernatural immortal vampires we're used to, the Strigoi are humans who have been biologically infected by parasitic creatures. Once infected, the human host will go through radical and horrifying changes. Which will eventually turn them into what we know as the Strigoi.

The Strigoi's most notable features are the long stringer like tongue, hairless bodies, and their black eyes, which are ringed with an angry red colour.

If you really want to creep out your friends this Halloween, or want to impress at a Halloween fancy dress party, then you should seriously consider dressing up as a Strigoi. Our ColourVue Ravenous Sclera Coloured Contact Lenses are the perfect contacts for replicating the Strigoi's eyes, without having to infect yourself with a parasitic worm. Win, win, right?

Our ColourVue Ravenous Sclera Coloured Contact Lenses will seriously freak out your friends, as they're a whopping 17mm in diameter. Which means they will cover a large proportion of your eyes, and give you a truly ravenous appearance. These lenses have a lifespan of 1 year, once opened, which means you'll not only be able to scare your friends this Halloween, but also the next!

Quinlan Halloween Contact Lenses

Quinlan Halloween Contact Lenses Quinlan Halloween Contact Lenses

Quinlan is a rare vampire and human hybrid. He's the "son" of the Master, but has an intense hatred for his father. Quinlan is what we would consider one of the good guys, because he wishes nothing more than to see his father dead, for this crimes.

Quinlan is one seriously cool looking guy, he is tall in stature, muscular, and has milky blue coloured eyes. Did we mention this guy carries a sword with a hilt crafted from a femoral bone, either from a human or a Strigoi– we don't know which. Talk about a badass!

If you want to be as epic as Quinlan this Halloween, look no further, because here at, we have the perfect contact lenses! Our ColourVue Sky Blue Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses will overlay your eyes with Quinlan's signature cold blue eyes, distinguishing you from the Strigoi.

ColourVue Sky Blue Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses have a lifespan of 1 year, which means you will be able to wear them for a whole year! Making them great value for money at just £16.99, with FREE worlwide delivery.

You can complete your Quinlan Halloween cosplay with Stargazer White Liquid Foundationyour favourite black hoodie, and a sword. Then you'll be ready for battle against the Strigoi!

Gabriel Bolivar Halloween Contact Lenses

Gabriel Bolivar Halloween Contact Lenses Gabriel Bolivar Halloween Contact Lenses

Gabriel Bolivar is a human turned Strigoi. Before he turned into a Striogoi, he was a rock star, who had many female admirers. As a human, Gabriel would wear makeup like the band members of, KISS. He would also wear coloured contact lenses like Marilyn Manson. Gabriel's real name is Dwight Moorshein, his father is a Baptist preacher, and all Bolivar really cared about was getting laid. Once turned, he lusts for blood.

Gabriel wears our signature EDIT Crazy Manson Contact LensesThese Halloween contact lenses have a 1 year lifespan, just like the lenses above. If you've ever dreamed of being a rock god, these are the lenses for you! These contacts are creepy, but sexy– as proved by Marilyn Manson, and Gabriel. These lenses will amaze your friends. You'll be receiving questions all night long!

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