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Cat Eye Contacts

Cats eye contact lenses are great, not just for fancy dress but also for a night out. Cat eye contact lenses will give you a proper feline look and have everyone checking you out. Used in movies and worn my Madam Hooch in harry potter these theatrical contact lenses are purrrfect for special fx and halloween. As with all Beautifeye and Petrifeye Non prescription coloured contact lenses, you will receive a free bottle of cleaning solution and free contact lenses soaking / storage case. General Questions How many lenses will I recieve? How much is postage? What payment methods do you accept? Can I contact you for more information? Do you accept different currencies? All lens orders come in pairs Free Delivery on all orders in the UK We accept PayPal, Nochex, and Google Checkout Any questions answered via our live help or by email Yes, just select your countries currency on the top left.
  • Feline Intensity for Halloween with White Cat Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses

    There are several different items involved in a great Halloween costume, with coloured contact lenses really bringing a great edge to any costume – whether you have chosen to be scary, sexy, or just outlandish. The coloured fashion contact lenses offered by Beautifeye, however, bring about a great trend, with designs that can take over the costume and make it as unique and thrilling as you envision when you first start shopping.

    For those of you seeking a more intense look for the holiday this year, you may want to check out one of the more popular Halloween lenses offered – the White Cat Halloween contact lenses, which offer a white background with the piercing black pupil that takes on the look of a sexy kitten, or a ferocious feline that is on the hunt.

    These lenses are great for those with a more gothic nature, or even those that want to shed the good girl image and get the look that they have been trying for each year for as long as they can remember. With the great makeup and accessories offered through, you can make the perfect costume even better, bringing out the crazy design of these lenses even more.

    With these great designer contact lenses, you could definitely be a fierce Cat Woman, a ghostly vixen, a serious zombie babe, or anything else you could imagine for the great look that is offered through this design and these great colours. At the same time, you can make an impression for the season that can go on and on for as long as 3 months, or 90 days, as long as you are taking the care of these lenses that is needed.

    With quick shipping that dispatches as soon as 24 hours after your order, to the great accessories offered at an extremely low price to match these coloured contact lenses, you can have the perfect Halloween look in time to make heads turn, while looking great. Not only will you look great, but you will save money and time doing it, giving you the upper hand in all departments.

  • Green Cats eye Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses (90 Day Lenses)

    Green cat eye contact lenses look just like catz eyez.This is a must for any Cat fancy dress costume. These non presciption contact lenses will make you look purrrfect.

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