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Country Flags And Patriotic Contact Lenses

World cup country flag non prescription contact lenses. Support your country in style with these England flag fashion eye accessories. Argentina, Brazilian, French, England St George Cross, Germany, Italy, Pakkistan, Portugal, Spanish, Ireland, St Andrews, Sweedish, Union Jack and Wales ( welsh dragon). Ideal for the world cup... Cmon and cheer with England flag contact lenses. General Questions How many lenses will I recieve? How much is postage? What payment methods do you accept? Can I contact you for more information? Do you accept different currencies? All lens orders come in pairs Free Delivery on all orders in the UK We accept PayPal, Nochex, and Google Checkout Any questions answered via our live help or by email Yes, just select your countries currency on the top left.
  • Welcome St. Patrick’s Day with Four Leaf Clover Crazy Non-prescription Lenses


    When St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, why not be prepared for the holiday with the Four Leaf Clover Crazy Coloured Contact lenses from www.beautifeye.co.uk? These are truly one of a kind, offering one of the most unique and characteristic styles for such a holiday that it is quite amazing the cost is so low. These are great wear non-prescription funky contact lenses that will bring about all the luck of the Irish, while donning you with holiday spirit no one can compete with.
    The overall contacts are yellow, with a green four leaf clover featured in the middle surrounding the pupil of the eye. Able to be worn for as long as 3 months after opening, these contacts offer a great value that is hard to pass up. You can very well wear them for the entire month of March, or just for the holiday itself, wearing to all the St. Patrick’s Day events that you attend, from parties to concerts, to bar hopping and all.

    You can easily visit www.beautifeye.co.uk in order to get your own pair of Four Leaf Clover crazy contacts within only minutes. With a cost under £20, you are sure to be pleased with your purchase and interested in getting your stock for the holidays to come. If you are looking for simple wear cosmetic lenses, you can also get more modest designs and even natural and solid colours that aren’t as extravagant as the Four Leaf Clover contacts.

    If you want to bring a new season in with the best foot forward, these are definitely a great choice for non-prescription lenses that will be great on St. Patrick’s Day for sure. Trip your friends out as they stare into your eyes and wonder how you have brought so much holiday spirit into the room. Not often seen, you will be a standout within the room, gaining all the looks and questions as everyone wants to know just how you have achieved such a great look.

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