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Halloween Contact Lenses

Petrifeye crazy non prescription coloured contact lenses. These are really funky and are great for a night out or fancy dress.These fun eye accessories will last upto 90 days. You'll find vampire eyes, wolf eyes, cat eyes, white, black, blue, yellow to really make your eyesbright, blood red, funky acid face lenses, Country flag eyewear, Marilyn manson contact lenses, cosplay, anime. The matrix contact lenses and make sure you dont miss the UV Reactive styles. General Questions How many lenses will I recieve? How much is postage? What payment methods do you accept? Can I contact you for more information? Do you accept different currencies? All lens orders come in pairs Free Delivery on all orders in the UK We accept PayPal, Nochex, and Google Checkout Any questions answered via our live help or by email Yes, just select your countries currency on the top left.
  • Living Doll Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses

    Become a living doll this Halloween with our Living Doll Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses, and create a creepy but cute Halloween costume!

    Annabelle Living Doll Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses;

    Annabelle Living Doll Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses Annabelle Living Doll Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses

    Freak out your friends and family with our Annabelle Living Doll Halloween Coloured Contact LensesThese lenses will make your eyes look really big, bright and dramatic. They are perfect for recreating Annabelle's chilling glassy eyed doll eyes. These contact lenses are light, soft and comfortable to wear. Your eyes will feel fresh, hydrated and comfortable all day long.

    One of the creepiest parts of the horror movie, The Conjuring is the evil possessed doll named Annabelle, who makes up the cornerstone of Ed and Lorraine Warren's spooky supernatural museum of trophies. Even more creepy? The Annabelle doll actually exists in real life, and is possessed by an evil spirit, a demon. The Warrens built a locked case for Annabelle, and she resides there to this day. The locked case seems to have kept the doll from moving around, but it seems like that whatever terrible entity is attached to it is still there, waiting. Biding its time. Ready for the day when it can again be free.

    Scary Living Doll Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses;

    Scary Living Doll Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses Scary Living Doll Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses

    If you’re looking to add detail and definition to your natural eye color our Scary Living Doll Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses are the perfect Halloween accessory for you. These fashioned coloured lenses will add an outer ring to your eyes. Which will really bring out the natural intensity of your eye colour. These lenses are perfect if you are looking at making a bold statement. These lenses last up to 3 months once opened and are designed to give you that wide eyes dolly look.

    Chucky Living Doll Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses;

    Chucky Living Doll Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses Chucky Living Doll Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses

    Chucky. It's a name we all known and fear. There's no denying that we've all shown a little bit of fear, when it comes to this creepy doll! Chucky is portrayed as a notorious serial killer whose spirit inhabits a Good Guy doll and continuously tries to transfer his soul from the doll to a human body. The character has become one of the most recognizable horror icons

    You can dress up as Chucky this Halloween with our Chucky Living Doll Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses. These lenses have a very vibrant colour that  will light up your whole face. They can also be worn in lots of different ways, whether you are creating a Halloween costume or just want to stand out.

    Lolita Living Doll Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses;

    Lolita Living Doll Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses Lolita Living Doll Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses

    In lolita Circle Lenses are often used to enhance the wearers natural diameter eyes, as lolitas, sweet lolitas in particular are always striving for the perfect doll eyed appearance. These EDIT Big Eye Black Twinkle Eyes Circle Lenses are perfect for gothic lolita, as they will give your eyes a beautiful, yet mysterious appearance, due to their unique meld of colours, which will make your eyes look like that of a nebula. These contact lenses will work with a range of different coordinates, because they feature various different colours, and will compliment a large expanse of skin tones too.

    Want more of our Living Doll Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses? Visit our website website, check out our Fancy Dress Halloween Fashion Coloured Contact Lenses and Fashion Coloured Contact Lenses!

  • Vortex Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses that Will Outlast Halloween

    There never seems to be a shortage in Halloween styles, and why should you allow the holiday to be a dull one for yourself? Why shouldn’t you get as stylish and fashionable as possible, with crazy coloured contact lenses that can spice up the evening for you quite well? is a great resource for all the crazy Halloween lenses you could possibly imagine putting in for the holiday, with one of the newest and most unique designs being the Vortex Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses, which are so different from what you are used to seeing that you are sure to get excited when you see the great design.

    Playing on the tornado type style, these contact lenses are easily compared to hypnotic, and can be perfect for really any costume or attire that you choose. The great part of these lenses is that you can wear them for a total of 90 days, with a style that isn’t exclusively for Halloween so you know you won’t look a bit out of place.

    In fact, these are some great designer lenses for those that are looking for a freaky look that is good with any day, reason, or occasion, especially when you are going to work or school. Although they aren’t the traditional coloured eyes that everyone is so used to seeing in coloured contact lenses, the design is rich enough to where they can be sported for any day and for any style you are trying to meet.

    With the crazy coloured contact lenses that are found with Beautifeye, this is just another great addition to a wish list you can create to have the perfect holiday, as these lenses are perfect for those into a gothic style, or those just trying to get a few people to notice them for the Halloween season.

    You won’t find these stylish lenses everywhere, nor will you be able to find them for such a low cost, so make sure you consider the awesome style that only Beautifeye can offer for holiday greatness, fashion, and ultra-style. If you are ready to order, make sure you see what types of accessories are also offered so your look can be perfect and complete.

  • Coloured Contact Lenses You Can Have Fun With for Halloween

    Got a funky costume planned with a great and fun shock to it? Need the perfect lenses to complete the costume as best as possible without having to spend too much money to get the right look? Well, if so, you should definitely take a look at the popular UV Reactive Neon Pink coloured contact lenses that are found at

    These hot pink fashion contact lenses are perfect for those fancy dress eyes that you need to set the Halloween parties ablaze, showing how spunky and colourful you can really be. As you get under the UV lights, you will definitely get glowing, which is a perk to these 90 day lenses that gives you two looks all in one. These lenses are great for those girly costumes, space age trends, and even after the holiday as you take on the clubs, bars, and the other hotspots surrounding you.

    Even if you are planning to be out of town for the holiday or to hit the best parties surrounding the holiday, there are great travel kits for your coloured contact lenses that will help you be sure that you are taking the best care of your lenses so they can last the full 90 days.

    pink neon contact lenses blue neon contact lenses Green neon contact lenses

    If you aren’t finished with the look that you are going for, there are several other accessories as well, including wigs that can change your hairstyle altogether, makeup that can make sure you glow everywhere, and body paint that will give you the perfect setback to the costume of your dreams. If you are trying to be evil or nice, sugar or spice, these lenses are going to be a real prize winner for the low cost of under 15 pounds, which is something that you don’t find everywhere much often.

    When you get these lenses on, don your costume, and finish up with the best cosmetics and accessories offered online, you will find that the season is much more fun than you ever imagined, no matter how old you are. Even if you are an adult, the trick-or-treat season can be the best fun imaginable with these funky coloured contact lenses in UV Reactive Neon Pink.

  • Taking On a Different Look with CyBorg Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses

    Are you looking for some of the most popular of Halloween contact lenses offered by Beautifeye. Well, there are several great styles offered that can definitely make waves within even the scariest parties and venues, with one of the more popular being the flashy CyBorg Crazy coloured contact lenses. Not your typical design or lenses, these 90 day lenses offer extreme fashion and a great spooky flair to any style you may don for the holiday.

    These crazy coloured contact lenses are a bit different from the norm when it comes to eerie and gory designs, as it is a more space-aged sci-fi design that offers something very unique. Taking on the look of a cyborg, you can get the style of a machine built for destruction, on a mission to take over control of the planet, or just the party that you are attending.

    For 90 days, you can wear these CyBorg Crazy coloured contact lenses are able to be worn again, giving you that same crazy look time and time again – great for really any type of event you just want to bring that sci-fi style with you. You are your own person so of course you are looking for a shock factor every now and then, so why not use these lenses to do so.

    CyBorg crazy designer lenses are a great feel for those who are taking extra steps in costuming and can’t wait to turn heads, with several great accessories offered from to ensure that you are able to complete the look with the best styles and fashion possible.


    You can also couple your lenses with a great contact lens carrying case and even a traveling kit that will ensure that you are able to hit every hotspot of the evening when Halloween does arrive. Don’t forget to experiment with a few things too because there are a great deal of options that can ensure you take on the eeriest, most unique, and funkiest look possible when you are ready to wow.

    Don’t let the norm hold you back, because there are great possibilities in store for you with these funky coloured contact lenses.

  • Beautifeye Crazy Colour Contact Lenses for More Fun in Life

    petrifeye crazy lenses

    Beautifeye Crazy Colour Contact Lenses for More Fun in Life

    Do you ever get in that humdrum where you just want to try something different but aren’t quite sure where to turn for the new styles and trends that could really set you apart, bringing fun back to your life? is a top resource for all the funk you need, offering some of the funkiest coloured contact lenses offered online, with great styles that can be truly hypnotic.


    As you take on a new persona, you can really feel the fun of life, with many other options also available. If you want to make someone a little fearful of your inner attitude, you could opt for the more evil looking contact lenses—all for fun and games!

    How to Get Yours Today!

    Shopping from is easy and can be done in only minutes. Just select the contact lenses you are interested in, submit your order, pay online with credit card or bank account, or even PayPal or Google Checkout, and receive your order in less than 2 days, with all orders dispatched within 24 hours of your online order. You can even sign up for a Beautifeye newsletter as you order so you can be updated when sales begin, new contact lenses are added to the selection, and new styles are introduced.

    Don’t forget to take a look at the various accessories that are also offered from Beautifeye to ensure that you are able to enjoy your contact lenses longer with contact solution and cases, as well as spice up your look better with the various make-ups and lashes that are offered. Contact lenses can always be spruced up with the right lenses and temporary hair colour, giving you a great new style that you can sport through town knowing that you really stand apart. Life is your shell and can be as fun as you make it, so why not mix it up with some non-prescription contact lenses at

  • Get Your Hands on Funky Coloured Contact Lenses for Snaky, Crazy Eyes


    Great coloured contact designs from can offer a great range of non-prescription lenses that can be oh so interesting and unique. Designs can range from the simple to complex, with many different options that can variate greatly. There are four particular designs, quite similar to each other, but each bringing a new style and design altogether through a different range of colours.


    Each of these designs is much different but quite similar, differing in colours, with Boa Constrictor offering a white/black blend, Red Viper offering a red/black blend, Phoenix Crazy offering a red/yellow blend, and Piercing Grey Cat offering a grey/white blend.

    Choosing the pair that is right for you merely takes a little thought into the outfit you have decided to couple with the coloured contacts, and deciding whether only one is best or if you would rather get all four. The prices surely allow the decision to be much broader than with other contact lens sites online today which can often have prices over £20 to £40 higher than with Beautifeye.

    While you are getting your non-prescription coloured contact lenses from Beautifeye, don't forget to take a look into the various other accessories that are available to go with the contact lenses, such as Stargazer hair dye, Funky 3D and Neon lens storage cases, and even travel kits or tweezers that can help you better handle and take care of your contact lenses.

    Why Choose Beautifeye for these Funky Lenses

    Getting funky coloured contact lenses from Beautifeye is a great choice because you get the quality you expect from coloured contact lenses today. You don't have to spend a lot either, with many options under £10. With many other designs featured, you can take on the attitude and appearance of a feisty feline, snaky reptile, or even a creepy zombie that can really look great with that special fancy dress or sassy outfit—no matter what style you are into.

    Today's contact lenses have changed quite a bit and getting non-prescription from Beautifeye could be the best way to ensure that you are getting the best quality possible.

  • Hell Flame Lenses for a Most Unique Style

    Hell flames aren’t the thing that you really want to consider being in, but they are an interesting design for contact lenses, giving you the look of fire, that really shows you aren’t playing. If you are going to a Halloween party, or even just a special event that you want to really rock the socks off of, these are great for a very solid and impressionable presence, no matter where you are.


    Have you ever really thought about trying a daring look like the Hell Flame Crazy Coloured Contact lenses that can be worn for an amazing 90 days for as low as £19.99? With Beautifeye lenses, you can have just this look for just this price, giving you an upper hand in the style in your area. No matter where you are from, what interests spark the most fire with you, or what styles you are truly into, there are great contact lenses for such a great low cost, including the Hell Flame lenses.

    There are also other great opportunities on, such as the Jack Frost lenses or the solid, 1-tone, 2-tone, or 3-tone lenses that can be in violet, silver, white, or any other colour you could imagine. Beautifeye really offers the greatest selection, with the Hell Flame lenses really taking the cake. These are the lenses that really make someone stop and take a second notice in order to make sure they really saw what they thought they saw, no matter where you could be at.


    Several events could facilitate a great path for this type of style, even if you are dressed in a modest outfit that really isn’t outlandish. You can get the looks that you want for the price that you want, without having to dig through the net and deal with faulty sales sites. Getting contacts for such a great price seems too good to be true, but they offer the comfort and style that is in most demand for a price that is in most demand. This offers you the ability to grow your collection, something that once would have cost a great deal more with styles such as the Hell Flame lenses.

  • Tornado Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses (90 Day Lenses)

    Cause a tornadon with this great design.Tornado contact lenses give a freaky hypnotic look that will leave people standing in a daze.Coloured conatct lens care solution and soaking case included for free.The Tornado starts in a the pupil and circles outwards. These lenses are great novelty lenses for all funky fancy dress parties. or for some psychedelic magic on a night out in a club or rave.The black swirl lenses are non-prescription (plano), so your vision is not affected. The lenses are CE approved giving you ultimate peace of mind.

    Cosmetic Contact Lens Specifications:
    Power Range Base Curve Diameter Center Thickness Water Content
    0 (Plano) Fun 8.60 mm 14.2mm 0.06mm at -3.00D 45%
    Material: Polymacon 55%. Durability: 3 months wear.
    Package contains 2 sealed contact lenses per order. Free contact lens solution and storage case

  • Black Out Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses (90 Day Lenses)

    Blackout contact lensesThese Blackout lenses look awesome and will Petrifeye all your mates!Totally create a really black look in your eye. Colour contact lens soaking solution and soaking case included for free. are a special effects lens that completely changes the look of your eyes. These opaque lenses cover the iris completely to give you a full Black eye. These lenses arnt as loud as some of the others but have just as much impact. Massivly popular with the clubbing and rave scene. They give a spooky dangerous look, often described as soul-less, vampire and devil like, making the wearer look as though there posessed or psycotic. Very popular all year round, but a great purchase to finish the perfect halloween costume.

    Cosmetic Contact Lens Specifications:
    Power Range Base Curve Diameter Center Thickness Water Content
    0 (Plano) Fun 8.60 mm 14.2mm 0.06mm at -3.00D 45%
    Material: Polymacon 55%. Durability: 3 months wear.
    Package contains 2 sealed contact lenses per order. Free contact lens solution and storage case

  • Bullet Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses (90 Day Lenses)

    Bullet contact lenses Petrifeye Bullet Crazy Contact Lenses!! Great colour contact lenses with a blood splat in the middle. Coloured contact lens solution and case included for free.make people step back in fear when they see your blood stain eyes. These contacts look great and are fantastic for halloween, serial killer, hacker horror. you can be a psycotic sweeney todd or an escaped blood crazed mental patient. If looks could kill these would be the contacts to do it!The Bullet lenses are non-prescription (plano), so your vision is not affected. The lenses are CE approved giving you ultimate peace of mind.

    Cosmetic Contact Lens Specifications:
    Power Range Base Curve Diameter Center Thickness Water Content
    0 (Plano) Fun 8.60 mm 14.2mm 0.06mm at -3.00D 45%
    Material: Polymacon 55%. Durability: 3 months wear.
    Package contains 2 sealed contact lenses per order. Free contact lens solution and storage case

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