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Patriotic Flag Coloured Contact lenses

Flag coloured contact lenses are the perfect accessory for the patriotic among us, because you can have your country's flag in your eyes– yes, you read right, flags in your eyes!

Union Jack Coloured Contact Lenses;


These coloured contact lenses will certainly have heads turning your way, as they will overlay your pupils with two very distinctive Union Jack flags. The red, blue, and white of these lenses will give you a truly amazing appearance!

You can wear these Union Jack flag coloured contact lenses whilst in the United Kingdom's capital, London and immerse yourself in the British experience. Go out for a spot of tea, and have everyone talking about your crazy contact lenses!

Calling all England supporters; there is a fantastic new way of showing support for your country at this world cup. Everybody has the flags on the cars and flags draped from houses, but do you know that you can now get the ultimate supporters accessory. England flag coloured contact lenses are available now, for just £13.99! You will surely stand out from the crowd when you turn up in these country flag contact lenses. You will look like a true England supporter, whilst wearing these lenses!

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Brazilian Flag Coloured Contact Lenses;

brazillian_flag_contact_lensesBrazilian supporters went all out last year, at the world cup. Many supporters of Brazil were seen wearing Brazilian flag coloured contact lenses

Tears rolled down many faces of Brazilian, smearing makeup in the national colors of blue, green and yellow, due to their loss against Germany. But the world was in awe of Brazil's support for their football team, because the fans came out in their thousands to cheer Brazil on. Brazilian flag coloured contact lenses were a common sight among the Brazilian fans, as it seemed just about every Brazilian fan was supporting their countries colours throughout the world cup.

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