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UV Coloured Contact Lenses

  • Festive Coloured Contact Lenses

    The holiday season will soon be underway, and in no time at all we will all be sitting down to a large meal with our relatives. For some the yearly family gathering is a chance to see old faces and participate in holiday festivities, whereas for others it's nothing short of torture, whilst sat in a grotesquely knitted jumper! Which is why are here to save the day with our Festive Coloured Contact Lensesthat will really set of that knitted monstrosity of yours.

    Glimmering Festive Coloured Contact Lenses;

    Add a bit of sparkle to the holiday season with our EDIT Green Glimmering Festive Coloured Contact Lenses! These green contact lenses have a subtle shimmer finish that will make your eyes look incredible. The green colour will brighten up your eye area, making your eyes appear bigger and brighter. These lenses are light, soft and comfortable to wear. Your eyes will feel fresh, hydrated and comfortable all day long. Make your eyes truly irresistible with these glimmer blue contact lenses!

    UV Festive Coloured Contact Lenses;

    Unraveling Christmas lights is a thing of the past with our UV Festive Coloured Contact Lenses. Our UV Festive Coloured Contact Lenses will supply you with brightly coloured lights, as they will cover your iris in an illuminating UV colour!

    UV Festive Coloured Contact Lenses UV Festive Coloured Contact Lenses

    UV Red Festive Coloured Contact Lenses will transform your eyes in a brilliant UV red colour, making them the ideal accessory for celebrating Christmas and other holiday festivities! These coloured contact lenses are often a favourite among cosplayers as they will supply your eyes with exceptional comfort, which will enable you to wear these lenses all day long without any discomfort.

    Stars & Jewels Festive Coloured Contact Lenses;

    Really get into the festive spirit with our Stars & Jewels Festive Coloured Contact Lenses! All lenses in this collection last for a huge one year after the first day of opening, making them the ideal Christmas gift.

    ColourVue Stars & Jewels Gold Festive Coloured Contact Lenses ColourVue Stars & Jewels Gold Festive Coloured Contact Lenses

    Dare to be different this Christmas by wearing our ColourVue Stars & Jewels Gold Festive Coloured Contact Lenses. Which have an uniquely extravagant design, consisting of delicate golden swirls. These lenses are truly breath-taking and will certainly leave your friends and family lost for words, when they see your surreal yet beautiful eyes!

    Put the sparkle back into your eyes after all the stressful preparation of Christmas, by wearing these stunning ColourVue Stars & Jewels Silver Festive Coloured Contact Lenses. These magnificent lenses will transform your eyes into a surreal contrasting blue and silver enchanted spiral design. These unique contacts will definitely ensure you’re the centre of attention at any fancy dress party you go to, as people won’t be able to stop looking at your vibrant and bewitching contact lenses!

    Sclera Festive Coloured Contact Lenses;

    If all you want to do this Halloween is freak out your family, then you're in luck, because our scary Sclera Festive Coloured Contact Lenses are sure to do the job!

    Sclera Festive Coloured Contact Lenses Sclera Festive Coloured Contact Lenses

    Pop on your Santa hat and a pair of our Sclera Festive Coloured Contact Lensesand watch the priceless reactions of your relatives. Who said Christmas can't be scary? These lenses will last you a whopping one year after the first day of opening- you'll certainly get your moneys worth! Whoever receives these coloured contact lenses at Christmas will be thrilled to bits, because there's so many possibilities with them, because they last for a whopping one year! Whether you want to be a spooky looking fae or a blood thirsty vampire, these lenses are the ideal choice! Don't be afraid to get creative with these lenses, as you'll have plenty of time to experiment with different looks due to their one year life span!

    Want more of our crazy Festive Coloured Contact Lenses? Just visit our website at view our Fancy Dress Halloween Fashion Coloured Contact Lenses and Fashion Coloured Contact Lenses!

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