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Contact Lens Cases

We offer a huge range of contact lens cases here at Beautifeye. They make fabulous gifts!
  • Protect your Coloured Contact Lenses with All the Right Accessories


    SO you are all up to date on the value of owning coloured contact lenses and perhaps you have multiple pairs in all types of colours like perhaps some crazy wild contact lenses and perhaps a pair or two of one tone fashion contacts in your favorite colours.  But have you really learned how to take care of them?  Do you have all the accessories you need to make sure you keep them in good shape?

    For starters, everyone who wears contacts, even non-prescription contact lenses, needs to soak.  There are many options contact lens soaking cases for you to choose from and they certainly don’t have to be boring!  Let your personality come out while you take care of a necessary chore.  From a football shaped case to a funky frog case there are many 3D contact lens soaking cases and storage cases for you to pick to satisfy your needs AND take care of your lenses.

    How about if you go away and need to take your design contact lenses with you?  Do you have a lens travel kit to support all your needs while you are away? has many options for travel kits complete with a soaking case, room for your solution and tweezers.  These are all the essentials that you need to assure that you are prepared for your trip.

    The number one thing you want to do with your coloured contact lenses is to make sure you get the full value out of them.  The best way to get your value is to protect them and take good care of them.  These accessories are just a start for the many items you can purchase to assure that your contact lenses are being cared for in the best possible way.  Think about adding them to your collection if you have lenses that you want to keep around as long as possible.


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