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Sansa Stark Contact Lenses

Game of Thrones' season 5 has brought about a large amount of change for Sansa Stark, but one thing that Ramsay Bolton can never take away from her, is her Stark and Tully heritage. Sansa possesses the kindness and grace befitting any Tully maiden, yet she also has a fire within that won't allow her to bent and broken– something that all Starks and Tullys posses.

Sansa Stark Green Coloured Contact Lenses;

Sansa Stark Contact LensesAchieve the perfect Sansa Stark cosplay, and top off your costume with our Sansa Stark contact lenses.

Our Sansa Stark contact lenses are a pair of green coloured contact lenses, that are three different tones of green– from light, medium and dark green. The different colour tones of these contact lenses will create a natural looking eye colour. People won't even be able to tell you're wearing contact lenses– and they will be green eyed with envy!

ColourVUE green 3 tones coloured contact lenses combine comfort with style. These lenses are extremely comfortable and can be easily worn all day long. Their unique green three toned pattern gives your eyes a pleasant and natural effect which gives you the confidence to step out in style. They are available in violet, blue, aqua, green, grey and brown colors so you can choose either light, or dark colored lenses for your eyes.

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