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5 months ago

True blue baby I love you

Loved these blue block lenses. They showed up very well on my brown eye and I would buy again. Arrived quick. Ta

6 months ago

Very pretty!

These lenses on my hazel eyes, made them a bit lighter, and I love the way they make your Iris look, so if you don’t want a stark difference I’d go for these,also maybe if you have darker eyes, I mean there very pretty, but for me a starker difference is Dawn brown (beautiful) Venus brown, nutcracker brown, and a very olive colour Sahara brown, all fresh lady lenses have made a beautiful difference on my eyes.

7 months ago

Blue star

Comfortable to wear and pretty and subtle

7 months ago


Im 41 years old an never in my days of ordering online have I received an order as fast as I did these 😁 The lenses are exactly how they look in the picture maybe just a tiny bit lighter but I'm still very pleased with my purchase. (I ordered the one day lenses) I would highly recommend Beautiful eye... A* Thank you.

7 months ago

Beautiful very similar to dawn brown

These on me were gorgeous, very similar on my hazel eyes to dawn brown lenses , for me dawn brown have the edge, but if they weren’t in stock then I’d go for these, as very similar effect, of course depends on the colour of your eyes.
I have to say all the “freshlady”lenses have made a beautiful positive change in my eyes, these and Dawn brown gave me a lot of compliments.
Beautifeye service is great, I always pay an extra £1.99 delivery and often get them next day!