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Solid Block Coloured Contact Lenses


Block Contacts

22 Item(s)

22 Item(s)

Blocked Coloured Contact Lenses Range are a range of coloured contact lenses, which will overlay your entire iris with your colour of choice, to give you a really freaky look! These coloured contact lenses are often a favourite at Halloween, because they're great for dressing up as a vampire. Just think, you could cosplay Vincent Valentine, from Final Fantasy with these amazing coloured contact lenses!

Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses cover all desired states of fancy dress, from the very funky, to the very wild. These coloured contact lenses also last 90 days after the first day of opening. Plus, their 38% water content will ensures that your eyes stay hydrated and fresh all day long. They're ideal for Halloween, fancy dress, cosplay and festivals.