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Fashion Aqua Coloured Contact Lenses


Fashion Aqua Contacts

13 Item(s)

13 Item(s)

Aqua Fashion Contact Lenses come in a wide range of colours; from bright aqua to a dark aquatic green. There is so much to choose from! Not only do our aqua contact lenses come in various different colours, they are also available in numerous different designs too; such as uv contact lenses, circle lenses, block contact lenses, and many more! Some of our most popular aqua contact lenses include the following; eyelush aqua contact lenses, which feature an initiative design, which will make your eyes, appear bigger and brighter, due to their three toned design. Another favourite among our customers our EDIT big eye flower aqua contact lenses, which are a combination of a flower petal design, and a circle lens, which will make your eyes have a gorgeous feminine appearance.