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Qualatex 24 Inch Double Bubble Balloon - Wine Bottle & Glass

Qualatex 24 Inch Double Bubble Balloon - Wine Bottle & Glass

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This 24 Inch Double Bubble Balloons are well known as the eye catchers and always stand-out top of any size range. These balloons are supplied deflated for ease of packaging and can be filled with Helium once inflated avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. This balloon Keep inflating until the bubble is very round and the wrinkles and bumps are gone and this bubble balloon do not contain natural rubber latex are non-allergenic and self-sealing. Attach the balloon to a 30-gram or heavier weight to keep it from floating away. Please check out our various balloon accessories including balloon weights which are often missed out and essential for helium filled balloons. This 22 Inch Balloon is supplied by Qualatex Pioneer Europe Ltd with Barcode: 831171002148
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