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Country Flag Coloured Contact Lenses


Country Flag Contacts

14 Item(s)

14 Item(s)

Country Flag Coloured Contact Lenses will make it possibly for you to show your support for your country, because the coloured contact lenses in this series, feature flag designs from all around the world! You can stand out from the crowd with a pair of these flag contact lenses. These coloured contact lenses are great for sporting events, like the World Cup, costume parties, national holidays and Halloween costumes.

Petrifeye Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses cover all desired states of fancy dress, from the very funky, to the very wild. These coloured contact lenses also last 90 days after the first day of opening. Plus, their 38% water content will ensures that your eyes stay hydrated and fresh all day long. They're ideal for Halloween, fancy dress, cosplay and festivals.