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Colourvue 1 Year Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses


Colourvue 1 Year Crazy Contacts

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

Colourvue 1 Year Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses are a range of coloured contact lenses designed to last 1 year, after the first day of opening. In this range of coloured contact lenses, you'll find a large variety of different coloured contact lenses. Which will suit the taste of numerous different people! If you open them on Halloween, you could even use them the following Halloween- making them definetely worth their price tag!

Would you prefer coloured contact lenses that have a shorter lifespan? Take a look at our 1 Day Wear Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses, which will last you just one day- making them ideal for Halloween!