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Elsa Disney's Frozen Coloured Contact Lenses

Last year was the year Disney got another classic Disney tune stuck in heads, with their emotive "Let It Go", from the 3D animated musical fantasy movie, Frozen. Children all across the globe fell in love with the Arendelle kingdom, that is permanently trapped in an icy cold winter. Whereas parents weren't so struck with the film, once they'd seen the movie more than once!

It's safe to say that the appeal of Frozen is mainly due to the costuming. Such as Elsa's iconic ice-gown, which symbolises that Elsa is finally free, even if she is all alone. The blue gown that Elsa wears in the film has obviously become a dress that every child wants to own. So what better way than to treat your little one, than with a surprise visit from Elsa! Dress up as Elsa with our Elsa Disney Frozen Coloured Contact Lenses!

Elsa Disney's Frozen Makeup Tutorial

Our Sleek MakeUp 'I Divine' Eyeshadow In Oh So Special palette is ideal for recreating Elsa's purple eyeshadow look. The dark to light purple eyeshadow will make your eyes appear bigger, and will make your eyes look similar to Elsa's animated eyes.

Elsa Disney Frozen Coloured Contact Lenses

The Sleek MakeUp 'I Divine' Eyeshadow In Oh So Special palette will create a beautiful contrast with our Elsa Disney Frozen Coloured Contact Lensesas the purple and blue colours will compliment each other. The popularity of Big Eye contact lenses is continuously growing among lens users as they are slightly bigger than usual lenses and give a different look. These lenses are great for Elsa cosplayers.

Elsa Disney Frozen Coloured Contact Lenses are ideal for creating an Elsa costume, as they will give your eyes the same natural glow! The gorgeous sky blue colour of these lenses will give your eyes that much needed pick me up, and their 15mm diameter will give your eyes a refreshed look. These lenses will transform your appearance, and will certainly get a few heads turning your way, as people will be simply amazed at your transformation- much like Anna is, when she sees Elsa again!

Snowflake Elsa Disney Frozen Coloured Contact Lenses

Snowflake Disney Coloured Contact Lenses will transform your eyes into a beautiful Christmas scene, as they will overlay your eyes with a icy blue colour, with a white snowflake design. Become the life and soul of the party this Christmas, and dress up as your favourite snowman, Jack Frost with these amazing lenses! These funky contact lenses are great for costume parties. These contact lenses last up to 90 days, once they have been opened.

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