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ColourVUE Contact Lenses

ColourVUE are one of the world's leading coloured contact lenses brands, that produce Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses and Fashion Coloured Contact Lenses. Beautifeye.co.uk are the official UK stockist of ColourVUEwho also offer FREE worldwide shipping!

Fashionable Coloured Contact Lenses;

ColourVUE offer a huge range of Fashion Coloured Contact LensesFrom Circle Lenses to Three Toned Contact Lenses. You won't be disappointed! ColourVUE's lenses are designed to impress, as the lenses produced are perfect for drawing attention to your eyes, and will be sure to get everybody talking!

ColourVue Stars & Jewels Jewel Gold Crazy Contact Lenses ColourVue Stars & Jewels Jewel Gold Crazy Contact Lenses

ColourVUE offer some truly out of this world lenses; ColourVue Stars & Jewels Gold Festive Coloured Contact Lenses are a first in the contact lens industry. As these lenses a uniquely extravagant design, consisting of delicate golden swirls. These lenses are truly breath-taking and will certainly leave passersby stunned! ColourVUE Stars & Jewel Series Coloured Contact Lenses will make your party and weekend a really glitzy experience. As they are available in gold, silver, black, and grey.

ColourVUE don't stop there, as they offer lenses such as their Starburst series! The lenses in this series have a gorgeous starburst effect, that opens up the eye area. The starburst pattern is striking and draws attention to your eyes, perfect for whenever you want to make a statement. With the high end Terpolymer material use, the lenses are exceptionally comfortable to wear, and with its new diameter of 15mm, Starburst are the ideal Circle Lenses.

Coloured Contact Lenses for Beginners;

ColourVUE Daily Wear TruBlends Aqua Coloured Contact Lenses ColourVUE Daily Wear TruBlends Aqua Coloured Contact Lenses

ColourVUE's lenses are ideal for first time contact lens wearers, as their products feature ColourVUE's patented Hydrogel Terpolymer material, and 55% water content. The high moisture level of the lenses, creates a feeling of comfort, and the risk of protein deposits is minimal.

ColourVUE TruBlends Coloured Contact Lenses are daily disposable lenses. Which means that once the lenses have been worn for the day, they can simple be disposed of. The lenses can be worn straight out of their packaging, and don't need to go through the sometimes messy and time consuming lens cleaning routine. Wearing contact lenses has never been so easy!

You will receive not only one pair of lenses, but five pairs of coloured contact lenses– that's a total of 10 lenses, for just £14.99! Our ColourVUE TruBlends Coloured Contact Lenses are available in aqua, blue, turquoise, grey, hazel, brown, green, and violet.

Crazy Fancy Dress Cosplay Coloured Contact Lenses;

ColourVUE Colossus Sclera Full Eye Contact Lenses ColourVUE Colossus Sclera Full Eye Contact Lenses

ColourVUE don't just specialise in Fashion Coloured Contact LensesThey also produce a large selection of Crazy Coloured Contact Lensesthat are used across the globe in various different ways- such as cosplay, TV and film, and entertainment.

Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses will completely change your eye's colour, and create a truly show stopping appearance! ColourVUE offer some truly crazy lens choices from, Sclera to UV contact lenses. You'll be stuck for choice!

ColourVUE Sclera Coloured Contact Lenses are a new and innovative design in the coloured contact lens industry, because they are 17mm/22mm in size- which means they will cover a large expanse of your eyes, which will give you a truly supernatural and dramatic appearance! These coloured contact lenses come in a variety of colours and designs, and are used widely in movies and tv shows to create special effects- such as the tv series, Supernatural.

UV contact lenses are coloured contact lenses that react to ultra violet light; as they will glow an eerie iridescent colour when placed until dark and UV light. They're often a favourite among those who attends raves and festivals, as they will truly enhance your experience! Plus, they're the ideal conversation starter!

Want to view more of our ColourVUE contact lenses? Visit our website Beautifeye.co.uk!

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