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Coloured Contact Lenses and Skin Tone Colours

Matching your Coloured Contact Lenses to your skin tone, is not dissimilar to finding which makeup foundation is right for you. Why? It's simple; certain colours are just going to look better on you. This doesn't mean you have to wear set colours, because finding the perfect Coloured Contact Lenses for you is all about freedom of choice.

Coloured Contact Lenses for Fair Skin;

Coloured Contact Lenses for Fair Skin Coloured Contact Lenses for Fair Skin

Finding foundation to match fair skin can be a nightmare. That isn't the case with Coloured Contact Lensesbecause the fair skinned fashionistas among us can wear just about any colour!

If you prefer to bring a warmer touch to your skin tone and reflect your warm personality, go for warm shades, such as brown and hazel. Brown Coloured Contact Lenses will help you achieve an overall natural look. The pleasant tones of brown in these coloured lenses will give your face a refreshing appearance, and will lift your makeup. These lenses will keep on giving, as they have a lifespan of 1 month after the first day of opening, and will arrive with a free bottle of lens cleaning solution and a handy storage case- all for just  £9.99!

On the other hand, Blue and Grey Big Eye Coloured Contact Lenses have absolutely charming qualities for fair skin. Grey Big Eye Coloured Contact Lenses are capable of captivating people's gazes, when worn against fair skin tones. Violet Big Eye Coloured Contact Lenses worn with very pale skin tones look fantastic with black and grey eye makeup. They will give a mystical appearance.

Coloured Contact Lenses for Dark Skin;

Coloured Contact Lenses for Dark Skin Coloured Contact Lenses for Dark Skin

Those with darker skin tones, often believe that lighter coloured contact lenses aren't a possibility for them. But they're wrong! We are the official stockist of ColourVUE Coloured Contact Lenses, whom are a brand that are known for creating coloured contact lenses for both light and dark coloured eyes.

Darker skinned people can achieve a sexy appearance with contact lenses that have hints of different tones, such as lighter shades of brown and honey. Our Dazzle Fusion Hazel Yellow Coloured Contact Lenses will create a mischievous look to the eyes, whilst the multi-colour tones will give a tiger like quality. If you're looking to dazzle onlookers, these are the lenses for you. Plus, they won't break your bank account, as they're priced at £14.99!

If you want to achieve a cooler look, you can also go for grey, dark blue, or a dark green colour. These are colours with a cool undertone, that will add a little bit of sexy to your everyday look. Our ColourVUE Glamour and ColourVUE Big Eyes contact lens range, are ideal for those with a dark skin tone, as they will supply you with a truly glamorous appearance!

Coloured Contact Lenses for Tanned or Olive Skin;

Coloured Contact Lenses for Tanned and Olive Skin Coloured Contact Lenses for Tanned and Olive Skin

For people with tanned and olive skin, ColourVUE Glamour, Star & Jewel, 3 Tone, and Fusion coloured series are some great choices of lenses. People with this type of skin tone are at an advantage, as they can pull off both vivid and natural coloured contact lenses.

Blue Three Toned Sapphire Coloured Contact Lenses are a pair of lenses that feature three different tones of blue sapphire colours, and will supply your eyes with a natural appearance. As these lenses are highly pigmented, and the three different tones of colours will easily cover dark coloured eyes. They're also a great little bargain at £9.99!

Who said Natural Coloured Contact Lenses have to be boring? Our Glamorous Natural Coloured Contact Lenses are ideal for creating a fashion statement! As these lenses will overlay your natural eye colour with three different shades of colours, to create a beautiful and defined finish. These lenses will add a touch of glamour to any outfit, making for a real show stopping appearance!

Remember that choosing the perfect Coloured Contact Lenses for you doesn't have to conform to any rules, because the suggestions above are just some helpful tips. You're free to wear any colour you choice. Just have fun with Coloured Contact Lensesand visit our website, for more of our lenses!

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