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Your One-stop Shopping Guide To The UK's Largest Online Coloured Contact Lenses Store

Shopping for coloured contact lenses with Beautifeye is just at your fingertips. Click on our coloured contact lenses page to kick start your shopping experience, or hover over one of the drop down menus and choose one of the subcategories, such as EDIT crazy coloured contact lenses. Click on contact lens accessories for our essential contact lenses accessories. You can also take a look through our cosmetics section, where we stock popular makeup brands such as Max Factor, Sleek MakeUP, and much more! Whilst you're there, don't forget to check out our top sellers page, where you will be able to see how the global trends are set, and offer you an indication on what are the preferences of lenses for global consumers at the moment.

Payment Methods

We accept PayPal, credit card, Google Wallet, and Amazon payment. You can read a more indepth description of our payment process through our paying for your order tab. If you have any further questions regarding our payment methods you can contact us at for additional assistance.

Shipping Options

To increase customer satisfaction, a range of shipping options are available for customers to select. Our standard shipping option 5-8 working days- depending on your location. It is also free when you spend over $32/€25, and the UK receives our standard delivery option free, no matter the value of the order. If you would prefer a faster delivery option, you can opt in for our priority airmail service via USPS. If you would like to read more information about our shipping options, you can always refer to the shipping information guide. 

Choosing Coloured Contact Lenses for Dark And Light Eyes

Once coloured fashion contact lenses were only for people with light coloured eyes. That was because the previous products were mostly transparent, to allow the eye colour to show through. For most people with darker eyes, the transparent coloured area of the lens only made the iris look darker. Now, this frustrating situation is a lot better; just about anyone can choose opaque coloured contact lenses that will cover irises of any color or shade. Whether you want a natural look or something a little more unusual, there's always an option to suit your style and needs. 

Bold, Glamorous, and Natural Toned
If you're looking for a natural-looking change to your normal eye colour, eyelush contact lenses will be ideal for you. These opaque lenses feature dramatic versions of natural eye colours such as aqua, blue, brown, green and even chocolate. The lens itself is printed with a detailed pattern that helps the colour look natural. That makes it easy to enhance your own eye colour or even choose a vibrant new tone without standing out too much. This kind of contact lens is perfect for work wear or as an everyday accent for your best features.

Bright, Beautiful and Basics
Basic lenses by colourvue are opaque lenses that cover your natural colour completely, but unlike other types they feature just one colour. They produce a very bright circle of colour that stands out more than a natural-looking lens, but they don't blend in as easily. These contacts are inexpensive and make a great way to experiment with eye colour or add a bold new element to your casual look.

Fusion of Colours
These unusual contact lenses combine two different colours to produce a relatively natural-looking result with a little bit more. They're a great way to punch up your natural iris colour or get a vibrant look that goes well with many different costumes. Colour options include violet with grey, blue and yellow, or blue and green. No matter what you choose, you're sure to get attention whilst wearing fusion lenses.

What’s The Difference Between Circle Lenses & Coloured Contact Lenses?

If you're a first time contact lens wearer or you haven't researching the contact lens market in depth, you might not know what the difference between normal contact lenses and circle lenses is. The number one difference in the two types of lenses is that circle lenses will make your eyes look larger- which is flattering look for both men and women. Our circle lenses are available in a variety of different sizes in diameter; 14.0mm, 15mm, and 16mm- which is slightly larger than common iris size. Circle lenses have a thick ring of colour around the lenses- which is what makes your eyes appear bigger and brighter. In none circle lenses, the band around the iris is usually transparent. That means that normal fashion or crazy coloured contact lenses will only change the colour of your iris. Our circle lenses can be found in the EDIT big eye circle lenses and ColourVue big eye lenses section of our website.

What coloured contact lenses should I choose?

Before choosing a pair of coloured lenses you need to consider a few key factors, such as; 

  1. Do you want to enlargen your eyes?
  2. Do you want a pair of natural fashion coloured lenses?
  3. Do you want a pair of crazy lenses?
  4. Comfort level
  5. Cost

Enlargement Effect– Do You Want Your Eyes To Appear Larger? 

If you're looking to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter, you must first consider the diameter size of the lenses; it is the size of the diameter that will determine how large your eyes will appear. The average human iris is 12mm in diameter, where as our circle lenses range from 14-16mm in diameter. That means you can achieve a dramatically larger eye. Visit our eye enlarging section for more information. 

Fashion Coloured Contact Lenses

You must also consider whether you would like a natural looking eye colour with the aid of our coloured lenses, because we also stock crazy lenses for those who wish to use our contact lenses for cosplay and fancy dress purposes. If you're simply looking for a natural eye colour change our fashion lenses are the lenses for you, as they will supply you with a natural and sophisticated look- without people being able to notice you're wearing lenses.  

What Are Crazy Coloured Contact Lenses?

Crazy coloured contact lenses are our range of cosplay, fancy dress, and Halloween contact lenses. The coloured lenses in this range supply a range of wacky and crazy designs for you to wear in your eyes. The lenses in this range are ideal for adding the finishing touches to that fancy dress costume of yours for Halloween! From vampire to snow lenses, we have something for everyone. Our crazy coloured lenses have a lifespan ranging from 1 day, 30 days, 90 days, to 1 year!

Are Coloured Contact Lenses Uncomfortable? 

The simple answer, no. If you're wearing and taking care of your coloured lenses correctly you shouldn't feel any irritation- other than the initial irritation of the lenses settling into your eyes, which is completely normal. When wearing coloured lenses you shouldn't feel any irritation. If you are you are wearing them wrong. Please visit our wear and care guide for more information on this topic. 

How Much Are Coloured Contact Lenses?

You want to wear contact lenses, but you're on a budget? No problem! Here at Beautifeye we supply a range of lenses for low and affordable prices; our lenses start from just £5.99!

Customer Support

Beautifeye suggest customers read through the wear and care guide for more indepth information on coloured lenses. If you come across any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact for more information.